I guess it’s par for the course…

…but still, what is it with some people?!
Following up on yesterday’s post about the thin-skinned sharpshooter who can take anyone down with a single round of .22LR, I had to ask him something. So I did, below, in plain text.

bloodthirsty warmongering Texan said…

You know, one well placed round from a single shot .22 pistol will kill a thief burglar, or attacker just as dead as it would if you totally obliterate his head with a torrent of automatic weapon fire. Or do you have a lucid argument to that?

Why does it have to be a choice between a single-shot .22 or belt-fed automatic weapon? Why not something in between? Like, say, a Model 1911 pistol with 8 rounds of .45, or 9 rounds of 10mm? As for the single round of .22, if you want to bet your life on that round’s ability to stop an attacker no matter his size or any other condition, be my guest, but as for me I’d prefer to have a little more room for error — notwithstanding those with little to no experience of firearms who ask asinine questions like “who NEEDS more than that?”

And out cometh the whiny bitch again.

I’m sick and tired of having my words taken out of context, and twisted just so you gun nuts can use them to insult me.

Geeeez, I bet you guys jerk off to gun magazines, don’t you?

If you idiots had read my post, you would have seen that I am on your side, as distasteful as that is for me.

So, it doesn’t matter what your particular favorite weapon is, you have the Constitutional right to own it as I stated plainly in my post.

If I was as obssessed with ANYTHING as you mental defectives are with guns, I would have had the good sense to commit myself.

And his reply to me:

And by the way, bloodthirsty warmongering Texan, your user name says all I need to know about you and your buddies. Why don’t you all go find a war somewhere and lease yourselves out? Maybe then you will get your bloodlust out of your system.

Cripes, what a judgmental asshole. Note he had absolutely nothing to say about what I actually said, just the handle I chose. Maybe people like that defending themselves with single-shot mouseguns against 275-lb. ex-college football players strung out on meth wouldn’t be such a bad thing. If they made it out alive maybe they’d see the utility of having as much firepower as they could manage, and if they didn’t make it out alive, well, how about we just call it survival of the fittest?


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