Once again, Misha nails it…

…and yeah, it’s a few days later, but the observation’s still quite relevant

A big, hearty fuck you to whatever mouth-breathing troglodytes thought up our sequential primary system, from the roughly half of the country who never had a chance to vote.

We’re so very fucking grateful that a bunch of damnyankees and cross-over liberals got to decide our candidate for us.

Time to start putting the “Republic” back in the “Republic of Texas.”

The rest of y’all can go fuck yourselves. Y’all have fun now, y’hear?

A-yep. I’d just about give my left family jewel to see what the shit-sandwich Republicans everywhere else would say to that if the people of my great state actually up and decided to take our marbles and go back to the way it was. No doubt half of them would keel over and die right there. But with what the political situation has come to, it’d be worth all the trouble to see the heads of all the sanctimonious hacks like the Anchoress explode. To what extent the old values of liberty and self-reliance still live here in the Lone Star State I don’t know, but I’d like to think there’s still some truth to the image many have about Texas and its residents — that we were and are forged in a hotter fire, as Southeast Texas native Bum Phillips so eloquently put it. I don’t know if it’d ever happen, but the thought of it gets more and more appealing with every tick of the clock…


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