So, it wasn’t just an urban legend…

that anti-freedom bigot Josh Sugarmann had a Federal Firearms License!
Of course, the question is, if one cannot legally own a firearm in Washington, D.C., what the hell is he doing with the license to sell them in that locale? And of course, the VPC has no brick-and-mortar storefront with regular hours as required by the BATFU, which makes Sugarmann’s ranting about “kitchen-table dealers” that much more hypocritical. I’m as much in favor of the abolition of the BATFU as the next lover of liberty, but I’ll freely admit it would be quite satisfying indeed to see Mr. Sugarmann hauled off to federal prison for about ten years for such a blatant violation of the laws he advocates. But I’m betting that much probably isn’t going to happen, if only because the BATFU’s spending their time and resources going after people who actually make their livelihood selling firearms. We’ll see how it goes, though…


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