Changing Human Nature

Marko Kloos makes some great points here, but I would like to expand on something he said:

The will to defend your own hide cannot be legislated, nor can it be curbed by legislation.

He’s exactly right, of course, and the enemies of liberty know this. They know it can only be conditioned or bred out of us. So, of course, they indoctrinate us all with the damnable lie of The Only Ones, as David Codrea so artfully puts it every time. You know what I mean. The police and the military are The Only Ones perfessional enough to handle teh Glock Fotay. So what do we do? Well, we see what we do at places like Northern Illinois University and Virginia Tech. We wait on other people to come and save us. We don’t take action ourselves with whatever weapon we can scrounge up, even when there’s a break in the action, as evidenced by this chilling line from one news account: “The gunman paused to reload his shotgun after opening fire on students in a geology class.” I guess they were waiting on the police, but you might as well call that for what it is — waiting to die. The warrior spirit isn’t completely bred out of us yet, as the great Bill Whittle observed a few years ago and as was seen on United 93, but I can’t help but think it’s getting to be more and more that way, every single day. We’d better hold on to it, though…because if we don’t, we’re finished.


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