…do they really think there’s a difference?

From the letters in this morning’s Chronicle:

Way to go, Chronicle! It has endorsed a Democrat for president who doesn’t fully support space exploration and who has no plans to work with the oil and gas industry. The Chronicle is a regional newspaper, yet it completely ignored two incredibly important aspects of our region in order to be part of the so-called “Obama phenomenon.”Well, phenomena come and phenomena go, and when this one has played out, Texas will still need strong energy and space industries. But by then, unless Texas Democrats do the right thing on March 4 and support Hillary Clinton, it could be too late.

Right, because as opposed to no plans to work with the oil & gas industry, Hillary “wants to take those (oil & gas industry) profits.” Which is so much better than leaving the oil companies to their own devices (sarcasm!), but of course I’m betting Senator Obama is going to do the exact same thing. He’ll just probably funnel those profits into some sort of “Hope and Change” initiative instead of those alternative energy programs Hillary says she wants those profits to go to. Which IS better, I suppose, but if there’s money to be made in alternative energy programs, I’d guess the oil companies would pursue them without government aid or coercion and with the added benefit of less government REMFs. But either way, Clinton and Obama are two sides of the same worthless coin. Much like John McCain and Rudolph Giuliani…



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