Tell me again about that target demo…?

Via just about everyone, it seems American Hunters and Shooters Association rep and NRA turncoat Bob Ricker is haunting the gun blogs and casting aspersions on those of us who believe in that whole “shall not be infringed” business, saying things like “AHSA is reaching out to a more educated, sophisticated and straight thinking hunter and shooter demographic.”
Well, let’s see here.
Educated. I have a bachelor’s degree in communication from Lamar University and work in a communication-related field in which other college-educated professionals seem to think I am pretty good at what I do, in several aspects. It took me ten years to get that degree, but that was due to changing majors and having to work to pay my rent, tuition and car payment. I’m guessing that Ricker would imply that education makes one intelligent, so I’ll also note that after I took the ASVAB military aptitude test in high school, I had the local Army recruiter call me and tell me I scored so high on it I could enter into any MOS I wanted to. However, due to factors beyond my control, I was unable to take that route. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — education doesn’t necessarily lead to intelligence or enlightenment. This is proven once again by the fact that Bob Ricker and his ideological soulmates are always resorting to ad hominems, straw men and other such bad arguments — if they were as smart as they like to think, they would admit the lack of validity of their arguments.
Sophisticated. Well, ya got me there. I’m just a good ole Texas country boy more than anything else. I do love me a good red wine, but if I had my way I’d rather be drinking iced tea on the porch. I drive a pickup truck and as opposed to opera, classical or whatever, you’ll find George and Merle Haggard on the iPod, as well as some of my down’n’dirty Texas favorites like Deryl Dodd and Cross Canadian Ragweed. So I guess that leaves me out of THAT.
Straight-thinking. Well, I busted my arse in college for ten years for a reason — I knew that to get anywhere and make a decent living I’d have to have that piece of paper in my hand. But I’m guessing in Bob’s world when you get right down to it even that doesn’t mean shite.
Really though, all of that is perfectly ok with me, because Bob Ricker and the rest of those frauds are little more than a bunch of elitist pricks. And all of their word vomit is little more than verbalization of their frustration at the fact that they’ve pretty much been nailed to the wall. If Ricker and his elitist Fudd buddies don’t think people like me worthy of their organization, well, I must say, I’d consider that a badge of honor.



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