We owe you nothing…

From the brain-cell-frying corner of Algore’s Internets known as the Huffington Post

30,000 is not too many. Ah, I see.
What to do? As invited previously, both poles (as in polar opposites, but Poloks as well) owe it to 30,000 fatalities a year to hammer out a life-saving compromise.
The primary function of government is to advance the public welfare, NOT make sure every nut-case has a gun.
But the NRA crowd won’t even TALK about licensing, registration, and gawd ferbid that such result in anyone being denied their sacrosanct right to bear arms, whether “for the purpose of maintaining a well-ordered militia” or otherwise.

Actually, no. As far as I am concerned those of us who own guns and cherish our right to self-defense don’t owe anyone a damned thing. Those 30,000 deaths are a tragedy, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — how many of those 30,000 people met their Maker by their own choice? From what I remember that number is at least 18,000 — the number of suicides committed annually with firearms. So let’s just talk about the other 12,000. Of those, how many of those who pulled the trigger did so to get themselves out of a jam created by their own bad choices? And why is it that we don’t ever talk about the circumstances surrounding and influencing those bad choices? Somehow I think the answer to that is if we did, the leftists among us would have to face some cold, hard facts that they quite simply are afraid of. They’re just a bunch of chickenshits. And so they take the easy way out and blame the inanimate object. And those people have the stones to call US the irrational ones.
As for licensing and registration…once again, oh ignorant one, we will not countenance such nanny-state schemes because we know where they ultimately lead, as sure as night follows day, or as Tam put it, sure as God made little green apples. And of course the NRA might well sound unreasonable to many, but that’s all right. I for one would rather strangle that “reasonable restrictions” dragon in its crib than have to fight it with hot lead later. Now and then, though, I can’t help but think that the hot-lead option is ultimately where we are going, especially as our would-be overlords prattle on about teh “public safety.”
Oh, and this was just priceless.

If we elect another Republican in November, I am getting some guns.

You can’t make this stuff up, friends. They raise ten kinds of hell about what the Republican-controlled government is doing to our country, yet they want guns regulated to the point that said government is the only group who has them. I am not entirely sure what that says about their thought processes, but it sure as hell isn’t anything that would make me comfortable with trusting them with anything sharper or harder than a Nerf ball.



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