"…it’s always there…"

Sometimes you just have to ask, what the world’s coming to

Sometimes sobbing and sometimes feisty, 86-year-old Tillie Black recalled on the witness stand Wednesday how she awoke to find two men dragging her out of bed.

“Something hit me on the head in the doorway,” Tillie Black said. “It was something really hard. It laid me open here,” pointing to a place beneath her white hair where she received 10 or 12 stitches.

Other evidence indicates she was hit with the handle of a ball-peen hammer so hard that the hammer’s head snapped off.

She said she slipped in and out of consciousness as the two men beat and kicked her and tied her to a chair as they ransacked her rural Brazoria County home where she has lived alone since her husband’s death 11 years ago.

When the more slender of the two men pulled on her diamond ring and said he’d have to cut it off, “I was afraid he was going to cut my finger off,” she said.

Her testimony came during the trial of Vincent Woodard, 22, who, along with Eddie Jermaine Johnson, now 19, is charged with beating and robbing Black and stealing her pickup before dawn on July 25.

Just think, y’all. If Paul Helmke, Michael Barnes, Josh Sugarmann and their ilk had their way, this story would be playing out in the households of the elderly, weak and otherwise defenseless among us even more than it already is — as some might put it, it really would be rule by the young and the strong, or “might makes right.” She did exactly what they suggest, nay, demand under force of law, law enforced by other men with guns — she had no arms for her defense. I really can’t find the words to say just how morally repugnant, how evil, these people are for peddling the damnable lie that we can’t and shouldn’t be trusted to provide for our own safety. And it’s just one more reason that I honestly believe there’s a special place in the deepest, darkest, hottest pits of hell for those who advocate the sheep mentality of thinking someone else is responsible for your safety.



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