Random Saturday Morning 1911 Musings

JR, in comments to this post:

For some reason I am really liking that new SIS. It feels good in the hand. But for the price, I think I’ll save just a little longer and pick up a Nighthawk.

Oh, now those Nighthawks are FINE. For north of $2,500 they should be! Talk about a gun whose bullets would transmute to gold…for that price they’d very well better transmute to platinum! I’d love to have some sort of custom 1911 before it’s all said and done, from Nighthawk or Wilson Combat, but something tells me I’d be rather averse to carrying it unless I had the money to replace it in the event the police took it.
I found myself back at the range Thursday afternoon with another old friend — my very first 1911, the Springfield GI that I picked up in February of ’06. This pistol, for those unfamiliar with the Springfields, is the entry-level 1911 in the Springfield line, with none of the accoutrements found on the higher-end pistols. If I remember right, once upon a time they marketed it as “a 1911 just like Grandpa used to carry.” And I guess it is — low-profile GI sights, spur hammer, short, solid trigger, plain-jane parkerized finish, and smaller ejection port. From what I’ve read about that smaller ejection port, it’s better because it makes the pistol less susceptible to malfunctions, because of dirt, grime and such being less likely to clog it up, as the barrel hood is a prime place to collect that sort of thing — which, of course, affects reliability in adverse conditions.
It had been a pretty good while since I had taken that pistol out. In fact, I can’t even remember when the last time was. Shame, too, because that gun is a GREAT shooter, even without all the aforementioned accoutrements — skeletonized hammer & longer trigger, ambidextrous safety, night sights, etc. Now, a 1911 with all the bling is beautiful, but there’s much to be said for that plain old stripped-down GI model, too. It was very surprising — I think I shot that gun better than I do my Loaded. I don’t know if that was because of the shorter trigger or what, but I’m thinking it was — because even with those tiny sights I was nailing the target. The only bad thing was the fact that the smaller ejection port was just mauling the case mouths on my brass. One of the dies in my .45ACP set is specifically for belling the case mouth to accept the bullet and it does work with at least minor dents in a case, but we’ll see how it works. I am hoping that it won’t be much of an issue with the .45 being a lower-pressure round and brass being the resilient thing it is, but we’ll see. Comments from the peanut gallery? In any event, that GI is going to see more of me, you can count on that…



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