Are they crazy, stupid, or evil?

How about all of the above?

Despite no evidence of legal wrongdoing, the Rev. Jesse Jackson wants a Lake Barrington gun plant shut down.

Jackson, founder and CEO of the Chicago-based Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, will at noon today lead a protest in front of D.S. Arms, a gun manufacturer that’s been registered in Lake Barrington since 1998.

More than 30 protests to ban assault weapons are planned today around the country. Stopping gun manufacturing would halt illegal distribution of firearms, which feeds into the illegal drug trade, Jackson argues.

“This is not about Barrington; it’s about gun death, and gun manufacturing,” Jackson said.

I had heard of D.S. Arms but I didn’t know THAT much about them, so after I read this, I summoned my mad Google skills and found out they’re a manufacturer of high-end semi-automatic rifles. I could be wrong about the high-end part, but I was looking at their FAL rifles, just for grins. From what I’ve heard about the FAL it’s one of the less-expensive .308 battle rifles out there; another Google search yields this, from Florida Gun Works. Well, the base-model DS Arms FALs run about twice as much as the FAL variants from Florida Gun Works. It only makes sense, I guess, that no D.S. Arms rifle has been linked to any crime in Chicago — if there WERE any, I’d be wondering where in the hell the gang bangers were getting that kind of money. I guess Jackson’s dim-witted asshattery only follows his twisted logic — the majority of crime in the inner cities committed with guns is committed with handguns, so he’s going after the more-expensive semiautomatic rifles.
But his comment that stopping gun manufacturing will halt illegal distribution of firearms does give one pause. If not making guns anymore that criminals don’t use anyway will gut the black market for guns, wouldn’t stopping the manufacture of guns the criminals do use help it that much more? (No, I DO NOT believe that — I’m just trying to follow the so-called logic here.) Who’s next on that racist piece of shit’s hit list? Glock? Ruger? Smith & Wesson? Springfield Armory? (I’d bet on that last one, since it’s also an Illinois-based manufacturer of high-end semiautomatic rifles — and handguns too, Jesse’d score a double on that one!)
As for Jesse and his racism, I suppose some might ask how this particular measure contributes to that…well, I am reminded from a quote Larry Elder mentioned in his book “The Ten Things You Can’t Say in America”:
“The Wall Street Journal quotes the vice president and general manager of the Austrian company that manufacturers Glocks on the NAACP proposed lawsuit, ‘I love it.’ He calls the NAACP ‘racist.’ ‘That’s what they are, blaming the inner city problems on white gun manufacturers.’
And yes, when you think about it, that’s exactly what Jesse is doing. And then, of course, once again there is the troublesome task of getting all the rifles out of circulation…how about that one, Jesse? Are you going to take them too? Or are you, being the cowardly sack of shit that you are, going to send other men with guns to take care of it?
(h/t David Codrea)


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