Speaking of Party Apparatchiks…

check this shit out.

I should get back on track and say, nicely done! to Mark Kirk for making a push to renew the ban on assault weapons. Even the local promoter of Democratic candidates, the Lake County News-Sun, thinks this is a great idea

What’s the significance of this? Well, it seems this Mark Kirk cretin is a Republican, whose only difference from his opponent on the issue is that he wants to just ban some guns while his opponent wants to ban even more. How special. And how’s THIS for a rich irony — the particular Party apparatchik who penned this blog post supposedly owns a Beretta 9mm pistol with several normal capacity magazines which would be banned permanently by this renewed AWB. From the comments…

in part, I might agree with you that “your” ownership of assault weapons harms no one, assuming, of course, that you don’t go Columbine or go out shooting cops. I myself own a Baretta92 with several high capacity clips. I also support concealed carry – for me – not sure about the rest of the yahoos out there (but that’s another debate).

But do I really NEED my Baretta to carry 15 bullets instead of 10? I think I’d be OK without the extra firepower.

Do we NEED guns that can shoot right through a policeman’s vest?

Do we NEED .50 caliber rifles that can take down a plane?

Rambo might say yes, but Mark Kirk says no, and I happen to agree with him. Nice picture, BTW. Kinda sez it all.

He was speaking to Kurt Hofmann, 45superman of Armed and Safe, who was a former paratrooper; the picture was of Kurt in his uniform. I’m guessing this Team America person was trying to make that into something bad, and as far as I remember he didn’t even thank Kurt for his service. (BTW, if you’re readin’ this, buddy, thanks for your time and service.) As a matter of fact, this is what that cretin said:

Exactly WHY would you want to post picture of yourself with a machine gun? Is that because guns are ‘tough’ or ‘macho’? Are they ‘cool’, especially a super-lethal weapon like a fully-automatic gun?

Wow. If I didn’t know better I would swear I was reading one of those leftist hate sites like the Daily Kos or the Democratic Underground. I did get a huge kick out of KH’s reply:

Nah–I just like it because it scares statist pantywaists. Do me a favor and bleat for me, will you? That amuses me to no end.

Now THAT was golden, my friend.
I have to wonder about the assertion that no one really NEEDS more firepower. That always seemed to me to be a pretty presumptuous thing to say, especially from someone who in all likelihood has never gotten tangled up in any kind of armed confrontation. I’ve never been in one myself, but even if I had been, I STILL would never get up on any kind of pedestal and lecture anyone on how much firepower I think they might need…but then again, in the midst of one of those aforementioned armed confrontations, I very well might feel undergunned behind anything smaller than a Ma Deuce. But oh my gosh, do these people make me want to puke! And to, when I am feeling better, buy one of those so-called “assault weapons” and plenty of food for it. I guess this sort of thing is just what happens in shitholes like Illinois, where most of the so-called Republicans couldn’t get elected in Texas as Democrats except MAYBE in leftist enclaves like Austin. I have to wonder if this “Team America” turd is going to think that gun control is so “reasonable” when his pet Congresscritter and all its leetle friends come back to pass a law banning his Beretta 92 and tell him to turn it in or face fines and jail time.
In any event, check out the comments there; it’s more than worth your time.



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