Bit of an irony here…

Yep, I’m a bit late to the party on this one, but as they say, better late than never…
Via Jeff at Alphecca, we have yet another example of the mainstream media using the First Amendment to shit all over the Second, for teh childrenses, of course:

The current laws are not curing the problem. They are a Band-Aid. Kids are still carrying handguns, still being charged with robberies using handguns, and kids are still being injured by handguns.

The most practical and effective method for handgun control is also the easiest to describe: Ban handguns. That’s the position of a number of national organizations, according to U.S. Supreme Court briefs on a pending District of Columbia case involving gun restriction.

Where’s the irony, you ask? Well, no doubt after this pencil-necked, bug-eyed piece of shit attorney got his handgun ban, he and his evil like-minded minions wouldn’t come get those guns themselves from those who refused to turn them in. Oh, no. He and his evil cohorts would send someone else’s fathers, or someone else’s sons armed with government guns to get them, and no doubt more than a few of those would die. Because there will be a sizable number of those gun owners who think that when it’s time to turn them in, it’s time to heat them up. And then where would those kids be? Of course there are those who will say, “Well, don’t shoot back, just turn them in and everyone’s happy,” well, if a man turns in his gun, what does he have left to defend his family, his kids, and his stuff that he’s busted his ass to get? He has a government agent armed with a gun who’s almost never going to get there in time to defend him and, furthermore, doesn’t even have the obligation to get there. (And how does that usually work out?) So much for that “banning guns for the children” bullshit….and then we go back to what I talked about a few days ago, what this piece of shit and those like him think I should have to do to defend myself and Fire. Fuck you, Rob Robinson. Fuck you and your transparent “for the children” horseshit.



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