"…and all the world will love you, just as long, as long as you are…"

So, from JR’s musical interlude he posted the other day and last night’s ride home from work, comes today’s post.
I’d been hearing the song “All Right Now” on classic rock radio well, ever since there have been classic rock radio stations, but I never knew who sang it. Come to find out it was recorded by a band called Free, and as far as I know it was their only hit record in the United States. I don’t remember when I first became aware of this, but I knew Bad Company frontman Paul Rodgers was the lead singer for Free. For years, though, I thought Free came AFTER Rodgers’ Bad Company days because of its lesser success in the States. As you might imagine, I was quite surprised to find out that not only was it the other way around, but that Bad Company was comprised of not one, but two former members of Free. Bad Company, of course, had several hits through the 1970s that came to be staples of classic rock stations throughout the land in later years, including “Bad Company,” “Can’t Get Enough,” and the tune I heard last night rolling down the four-lane, one of my all-time favorites from any genre, “Shooting Star.”

“…Johnny’s life passed him by, like a warm summer day…if you listen to the wind, you can still hear him play…”


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