More Leftist Shrieks re: Heller

…this time from Mark Moron Morford, of the San Francisco Chronicle:

Here is your Bush-loaded Supreme Court, for one regrettable example, addressing the much-misinterpreted Second Amendment for the first time in eons. Here is the majority of the court basically arguing that, in case you forgot, much of America still blindly loves its guns, and of course handguns are a nice addition to any God-fearing family’s arsenal of ridiculous self-defense weaponry and therefore banning a device designed to do nothing but kill other humans is just plain wrong.

I read the decision in Heller v. D.C., or at least a pretty good chunk of it. Nowhere in it did I see anyone “argue” that “much of America still blindly loves its guns.” But then I guess it would have been just way the hell too much for me or anyone else to expect a whacked-out leftist like Mark Moron Morford to approach this topic with anything within 100 light-years of intellectual honesty or integrity. He goes on to say…

It is, by all accounts, a severe, dark cloud of a decision

Now, if you’ll click that link, you’ll be taken to a roundup of newspaper editorials and op-ed pieces from around the country, including the Washington Post, the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. Hey Marky, does the term circle-jerk mean anything to you?

…surely that’s what the founding fathers intended, more paranoid NASCAR dads stocking Glocks in the rec room to protect the rug rats from those icky drug-dealing rapists who never come.

Nah. The Founders would have likely preferred they stock long guns. Something like an AR-15 or even better, AR-10. Or maybe even some of each. They say the pistol is just what you use to fight your way to your rifle, but then I really didn’t expect some candy-assed drama queen like Mark Moron Morford to know that. Oh, wait…from what I hear, Mark Moron Morford is openly gay, so it might be “stereotypical” for me to call him a drama queen. But then I’m just going on what he’s writing. I’m pretty sure that’s a hell of a lot more solid than the paranoid NASCAR dad stereotype. Which bodily orifice do you think Marky pulled THAT one out of?

Is it worth mentioning how handguns kept in the home are much more likely to be used for suicides and homicides, not to mention fondled by those same curious rug rats who find daddy’s little Elvis in the sock drawer and decide to aim it at their sisters?

Sure it’s worth mentioning — mentioning in the context of it being an out-and-out lie, a contention that’s directly contradicted by statistics. But Mark Moron Morford isn’t interested in the truth. He is and always has been about little more than drama-queen hysterics.

Worth pointing out that the self-defense argument is not only pathetically illogical, part of a silly pseudo-cowboy mythology, it’s also statistically untrue, a perpetual, insidious lie that’s undermined the American identity for generations?

As Ace Ventura might say, “Oh re-he-he-heeeeeaaaallllyyyy?”

What a blithering fool. Call this one a three-fer! Here we have:
1. Another big-city media type using the First Amendment to shit on the Second, AND
2. Another instance of a leftist casting gun control as a liberal talking point, thus further setting back the cause of getting the RKBA to the point of being a non-partisan issue, AND
3. Another instance of a member of what could arguably be called a vulnerable segment of society — the homosexual community — effectively arguing they shouldn’t be able to defend themselves from violence. I guess it was only natural that such a watershed event was going to bring these loons pouring out of the shadows, but still it’s a thing of perverse beauty to behold.


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