…um, say what?

Barack Obama,on the foreclosure crisis in the U.S.:

If the government can bail out investment banks on Wall Street, we can extend a hand to folks who are struggling on Main Street.

Perhaps we can, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we should. I wonder if he and his cohorts ever stopped to think that maybe giving government handouts to the Wall Street investment banks was a bad idea for the very same reason bailing out private homeowners on Main Street is, i.e., it just encourages more of the very same bad behavior. It would seem the esteemed (sic) senator is still under the impression that two wrongs make a right. I honestly thought the vast majority of us learned that two wrongs DON’T make a right somewhere around the first or second grade at the very latest. Call it just one more piece of evidence that education doesn’t necessarily lead to intelligence or enlightenment — yes, even when that education is at a supposedly top-tier institution like Harvard University. But then, you never know. He might have just said that because he thought all those ig’nernt rubes who cling to their religion and guns — as he apparently sees those of us in Middle America — would think it sounded good. Either way it doesn’t speak well of him, as a man or someone who aspires to lead this great country.


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