Random Sunday Media Musings

I am not really sure what to say to this, from Ellen Goodman of the Boston Globe…

Sarah Palin may yet be the fulfillment of an old feminist prophecy that Texan Sissy Farenthold once described with her tongue firmly planted in her cheek. We will have achieved equality the day mediocre women take their place beside mediocre men. Check that one off the to-do list.

Oh wait, I know exactly what to say to that. Palin should consider it a badge of honor to be called mediocre by a bitter old harridan like Ellen Goodman. Ole Sarah Barracuda must really be doing something right.
And then there’s this, from Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune…

As we enter the season of highest political advice, here’s my advice to the Democrats: Dumb it down.
I don’t need to give that advice to the Republicans. They’ve been dumbing it down for years. That’s why they keep winning.
Do I sound condescending? Do I sound like I am talking down to Joe and Josephine SixPack out there in working class America? No way. I come from working class America. I know. It takes smarts to dumb the issues down well enough to help people to make an intelligent choice.

Hey, um, Clarence? Just a tip…when you’re basically asking for someone else’s opinion, you’re really not supposed to give your own. Makes you look like more than a bit of an arrogant ass..Methinks you’re not nearly as smart as your station in life has led you to think you are.

…(McCain’s) party’s ticket is well positioned to pull off a possible victory. Why? A big reason is how McCain-Palin has outmatched Obama’s elegant charisma in winning the support of working-class white voters.
…(Obama’s) college professor side tends to show….

Ok then. I’d argue that another (arguably as big) reason McCain has pulled into a dead heat with Obama is that as more and more Americans get wind of Obama’s plans for the country — i.e., an economy-crushing tax burden to finance yet more Nanny-state reindeer games and potentially an all-out ban on civilian ownership of firearms — they come to see that while flawed, the McCain-Palin ticket is much preferable to that. As for Obama and his college professor side…it’s not the “eloquence” that’s the problem there. It’s the idealism and utter lack of knowledge of how the world outside academia works that’s the problem. But I really didn’t expect Page to know that.


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