"..because of teh RACISM!"

…according to a rather unexpected politician, apparently…

What is Barack Obama’s biggest remaining obstacle on his road to the White House? A nationally prominent Republican sums it up in a word: “Bubba.”
“The Bubba vote is there, and it’s very real, and it is everywhere,” former House Majority Leader Dick Armey recently said. “There’s an awful lot of people in America, bless their heart, who simply are not emotionally prepared to vote for a black man.”

It’s bad enough to see the Democrats copping this shit…it’s beyond disheartening to see a Republican doing it too, and one of the heroes of the 1994 revolution to boot. What about Obama’s associations with people like William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright? Or his proposal of the civilian national security force? Or the mandatory community service? Oh his blatant disrespect for tens of millions of people in this country, as evidenced by the bitter-clinger remark to the San Francisco donors? Or his further alienation of those same voters with his extremely anti-firearm record? (Speaking of that, is anyone REALLY surprised that his brownshirts would threaten to yank the broadcast licenses of stations that ran ads exposing that record? Obama has no respect for the Second Amendment, what makes anyone think he or his minions respect any of the other amendments in the Bill of Rights?) How about his choice for vice-president, a man who thinks gun owners are mentally ill? No, it’s none of that, it’s because of teh RACISM! Really, you’d think that would have manifested itself more during the primaries, if it was really that big of an issue…and why is it that voting against Obama because of his race is cast as a bad thing, yet nothing is said of those who will be voting for Obama for the same reason? I guess this is how the left applies the “any chair in a bar fight” philosophy, but it’s still quite disgusting.


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