Not surprised, just disappointed…

I thought it was more than a little disingenuous for Kathleen Parker to point to the Charles Gibson interview with Sarah Palin as evidence that she’s “out of her league” when that was clearly — when compared to Gibson’s interview with Barack Obama — one of the biggest mainstream media hit jobs on a Republican candidate that’s ever been done. (And of course it was by no means the only one.) And I didn’t really think the Palin soundbites Parker cited in her own hit piece were really so bad compared to the word vomit Obama and Biden have been belting out that the mainstream media have been slobbering over since day one. I daresay it’s a good bit more substantive, even, than Obama’s HopenChange(tm) gimmick. But it should be remembered that Parker in effect referred to the sins of Dan Rather and Eason Jordan as “tripping.” I’ll admit that Kathleen Parker does hit the X-ring many times, but when she’s off the mark, she’s WAY off the mark.


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