A Tale of a Lost Sale

So I was waiting at the counter at the gun store to pay for my PTR-91 this morning, and as I was waiting an older guy came to the counter. He had come to pick up a pistol but due to extenuating circumstances, i.e. Coast Guard offshore duty, he had to fill out another Form 4473. The lady at the counter went and ran him through the system, and it came back that he was delayed. He got frustrated, said “the hell with it,” got his money back and walked out. I think it’d be interesting to find out how many gun sales have been lost because of someone getting frustrated with those background checks because of getting delayed for whatever reason. And I’d love to know the reasons for the NICS check coming back telling the FFL to delay the transfer. No doubt 99 percent of the time it’s bureaucratic error. Yeah, I know, it’s for teh childrenses, if it saves just one life, blah, blah, blah…but what if he’d been a she, perhaps a battered wife whose psychotic husband was coming back to kill her? Something to think about, I think…



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