A Few MORE Words On Molly Ivins…

More or less continued from here
So I got a referral, from the search for this phrase: “it was the dearest wish of thomas jefferson’s heart that teenage drug dealers should cruise the city”.
That was from a column written by the late, lamented Texas *snort* columnist Molly Ivins in 1993. I don’t know how she ever got to characterizing herself as a “civil libertarian,” as going by most of what she wrote, she was about as much of a “civil libertarian” as was Benito Mussolini or Idi Amin. She was a beloved Texas personality to a lot of leftists, which just goes to show you how much respect many on the left had for the Texan ideals Molly so gleefully shat on so often during her time at her keyboard. I may well catch some incoming for this, but as a Texan, Molly Ivins always struck me to be about as real as a three-dollar bill. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — Molly Ivins was more or less a Maureen Dowd from Houston. Just like Maureen Dowd has her cutesy-nickname shtick, Molly Ivins had her down-home country-bumpkin Texan shtick leavened with a hearty helping of leftist bile, which basically could be boiled down to, “Shucks a-mighty, Ah shore do hate me some Republikens, ‘specially that dumb ol’ George Dubya, hyuck-hyuck-hyuck!” And it was bullshit, just like most of the word vomit that came off her keyboard. Fake, insincere, ignorant and hateful bullshit at that. I know it may be disrespectful to speak ill of the dead, but as far as I am concerned, such disrespect is only fitting for someone who used her First Amendment rights to so vigorously shit all over my Second Amendment rights (and everyone else’s too, of course). A lot of people bemoan the lack of civility in modern political discourse, and I’ll admit I am one of them…well, Molly Ivins contributed a hell of a lot more to that lack of civility than was her fair share. Even if the more polite of us don’t want to admit it.

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