A bit of good news, and a bit more RINO prattling…

First up, the good news, from this morning’s Chron:

Instead of managing a White House transition, or preparing to assume the vice presidency, the man who failed in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination and was passed over by John McCain for running mate is focusing on his family and political interests.
And it may stay that way through 2012 and beyond.
The surprising ascendancy of McCain’s eventual pick, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, and her popularity among some GOP conservatives have left Romney wondering whether he could wage a viable second campaign for the White House, according to friends and advisers.

Yeee-haaa! From your lips to God’s ears, Mr. Johnson. While I do think that far too much is being made of the whole “diversity” bit, the last thing the Republicans need to be running in 2012 is another greying old-guard Northeastern RINO hack like Mitt Weapons Of Unusual Lethality Romney. By the time 2012 rolls around, it’s quite arguable that Sarah Palin will have the executive experience that compares favorably to Romney’s and in a much more attractive package to boot. I really hate to admit that packaging has gotten to be as important as what’s in the package itself, but it seems that with the ascendancy of an empty suit like Barack Bernardine Dohrn Obama, the importance of the packaging has for the moment surpassed the contents. Or, as Mike so pithily put it, many of his supporters said, “He’s good-looking, glib, and fashionably dark…Oh boy aren’t we just the grandest for supporting programs that made him possible.” I’d say that between Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal, the national GOP has a very bright future…

…or at least it will, if it tells self-righteous loser Republicans In Name Only like Kathleen Parker to sit down and have a nice, steaming cup of shut the hell up:

Election Day has produced fresh fury from self-proclaimed “conservatives” promising never again to read me or fellow apostates who criticized the Republican ticket.
This is, of course, their right, but is this really the way to go about salvaging the Republican Party?

Yep, I’d say it is, Kathleen, considering you criticized the wrong half of the Republican ticket. I’d say if anyone’s shooting the messenger, it’s you whining about the mail you get from those who are rightly disgusted with the tack you and your fellow RINO apologists have taken since McCain chose Sarah Palin as his VP nominee. And way to compare the Republican base to toddlers, you condescending bitch. Real nice move there. I know you think you’re hot shit because of your position, but just because you’ve made it into the upper echelon of the “conservative” punditocracy doesn’t necessarily make you a messenger, much less a credible one. No matter what your fellow RINO circle-jerkers might tell you. But I’m guessing you’re just gonna keep digging that hole. Because you’re just THAT clueless.

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