Yeah, this really surprised me…

right here

When Mad Jack McCain announced the choice he’d made of Palin as a running mate late last summer, I was delighted and surprised. It wasn’t simply the only smart move the Hanoi Senator had made during his campaign, it was probably the only smart move any Republican had made since Eisenhower ended the Korean War.

One so-called female so-called comedian referred to Palin as a “…little freaked out, intimidated, frightened, right-wing Republican, thin-lipped bitch”, unintentionally describing herself by temperament, if not by political persuasion. She also warned the vice presidential candidate that she (Palin) would be gang-raped by her (the comedian’s) “big black brothers” if she (Palin) visited Manhattan.
This to a real woman who, at least by implication, knows how to deal with a rapist the way a rapist ought to be dealt with, not with a little plastic whistle or a sisterly candlelight vigil, but with… well, let’s just put it this way: there are places in Alaska where you’re not allowed to venture unless you’re carrying at least a .357 Magnum.

What was the surprise? That it came from L. Neil Smith, one of the most strident large -L libertarians out there. I honestly never thought I’d see someone like him have such glowing words for anyone on the national level of either of the two big parties. Call me crazy, but I’d say that endorsement’s worth a hell of a lot more than any from the pundits from the Northeastern establishment media. And I’d also say the fact that L. Neil Smith holds her in higher esteem than the aforementioned pundits is incontrovertible proof that she and more politicians like her are exactly what the Republican Party needs to lead them out of the wilderness.



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