Mmm, yeah, big surprise there…

Say what?

Barack Obama’s choice for Attorney-General, Eric Holder, has stated that he favors ‘reasonable restrictions’ on free speech on the Internet.

Par for the course, I suppose. Obama and his evil minions don’t have any respect for the Second Amendment…what in the hell makes anyone think they’d have any respect for the REST of the Bill of Rights? I did see quite an interesting comment at Gateway Pundit, though…

Oh, don’t worry so much; it’s just the internet.

You wont find “internet” in the Bill of Rights”

After all, how can it be speech? You’re writing, not talking. Right?

Oh, now that is just golden. Using the very same logic many of the gun prohibitionists use! “The Second Amendment didn’t protect AK-47s, just muskets!” Of course many media outlets don’t use that exact line of reasoning, but they use something so close as to be indistinguishable, that is, “The Founders couldn’t have visualized assault weapons!” or something to that effect. Should be interesting to see how they react when it’s their ox getting gored…but then, likely as not it’ll be the blogs and conservative media getting clamped down on rather than the bigger MSM outlets. And just like the hunters throw the pistol & semiautomatic rifle owners under the bus, the big MSM outlets will do the same to the blogs and smaller, more conservative media outlets, making the undermining of the Constitution and the Founders’ Republic that much easier. Nothing good can come of this…where will it end?
(h/t David Codrea)


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