I don’t know if I’d want even one of those…

…or, I Get Referrals, Part Whatever…
from somewhere in Korea, Smith Wesson 325.
That looks to be a pretty nifty little weapon, if you have to have something so light that doesn’t leave brass lying around. I don’t know if I’d want one of those, though, considering they have that internal lock on them. That would seem to me to be just one more thing to go wrong. I’ve read reports here and there of those ultra-light post-Clinton agreement S&W revolvers locking up involuntarily under certain conditions; granted, though, those were with the magnum revolvers and very hot loads. Still, though, I’d stay away, though your mileage may vary of course. If I had to have a wheelgun, I’d look for maybe a 3″ Ruger GP100, or 4″ if I was feeling froggy. I had a 4″ at one point and would love to get another.



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