"…how many dogs will die, how many more will bleed…"

From San Diego, the same old story of trigger-happy drug cops shooting another dog who apparently posed no threat to them. But even though reasonable people could argue all day long about that threat and the level thereof, that argument ultimately obscures a larger question evoked by another question asked at the Reason link: What are we going to have to do to get people to stop writing shit like that off as collateral damage in the War On Some Drugs? I’d guess there’s really not that much we CAN do, that it’s ultimately going to have to get even worse for Americans to be shaken out of their apathetic stupor. Considering the Bill of Rights — you know, what was supposed to have been a guarantee of protection against the predations of government — has also been made “collateral damage” by the War On Some Drugs that’s really the only conclusion I can reach. I wonder what the Founders are thinking as they observe this particular aspect of the decay of their Republic.


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