Who are the violent ones, again?

First up, from this morning’s Chron, we have what can only be expected from “the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories”…

We are witnessing one of Israel’s most brutal attacks on Gaza in memory.

…which would not have happened had the Hamas thugs not broken the cease-fire by commencing rocket fire on Israel. I’ve always thought that Israel is more or less treated as the world’s bastard stepchild when things flare up as they do periodically. Cretins like Mr. Falk here crank up their endless harping on what Israel does to defend herself and, almost without fail, do not mention who exactly started the whole thing again in the first place. Considering Hamas has as its stated goal the destruction of Israel and the establishment of a Palestinian Islamic state in its place, I’d say it’s Israel who ultimately holds the moral high ground here. Am I wrong in thinking that when it’s all said and done all the Israelis want is to be left alone?
Speaking of not talking about the other side’s aggression in this conflict, check out this little snippet from the Port Arthur News:

Several high profile members of the Jewish comminity (sic) in Beaumont asked not to be quoted for fear of retaliation and their safety.

Can you believe that? People in Jefferson County, by-george Texas decline to speak their minds for fear of reprisal. Fear of what looks to me to be terrorist sympathizers doing only God knows what, in Jefferson farking County, Texas. I do think it’s worth asking how many of those afraid to speak up support the various and sundry victim-disarmament schemes championed by the Anti-Defamation League, but in any event the fact that they’re afraid to speak their minds for fear of violent reprisal in the United States of America — and, further, in a place populated by folks with a reputation for refusing to be victims — well, that says a whole lot about who’s ceding the moral high ground as well, if you ask me.


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