I have no patience for fools…

or, One more reason ignorance should be painful:

I’m come around to accepting that black guns could be fun for someone on the target range but I don’t think they should be used for hunting. The animal doesn’t have a prayer against one of these guns. It’s pure annihilation and I don’t see the sport in that.

My response:
Considering these “black guns” of which you speak come chambered in myriad calibers USED FOR HUNTING — such as 7.62×39 Russian, 7.62x51mm NATO (or its commercial equivalent, .308 Winchester, one of the most popular hunting cartridges ever made) and .243 and .270 Winchester — either
A. You have no idea of what you’re talking about, in which case it would behoove you to KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, unless you’re actually wanting to be made to look like a fool, or actually DO SOME RESEARCH before you spout off; or
B. You’re deliberately lying to your readers, in which case you should be thrown off the staff and made an example of.
Either way, your commentary doesn’t reflect well on you.

Why in the bloody fucking hell do people who don’t know shit about their chosen topic insist on spouting off on said topics? Damn, but that just pissed me the hell off.

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