They say to disregard everything after before the word ‘but’…

and columns like this one are a perfect illustration of why…

I can still see the horrifying vision of Charleton Heston holding a musket aloft in front of the NRA meeting in Denver days after the Columbine massacre.

Really? I thought the fact that he wasn’t holding a modern military longarm rendered his actions to be just a load of theatrical crap. Horrifying? Not by a long shot.

I doubt the Second Amendment rights are as broad as you may believe.

The Founding Fathers would beg to differ.

But as a parent, an American and a human, I have to point out that just because it’s constitutional doesn’t mean it’s wise or good.

REALLY. So what OTHER rights so many have fought, bled and died for would you restrict and eliminate for the safety of teh childrenses?

If you doubt that, and you’re a strong Second Amendment advocate, tell me how you feel about the First Amendment’s free speech rights that guarantee that include the right to burn the American flag.

As a libertarian minarchist who really does support the Constitution and the natural, God-given rights protected by the Bill of Rights, no ifs, ands OR BUTS, I have absolutely no problem with that whatsoever. I think a lot of flag-burners are full of it, but they have rights just like you and I do and as long as they’re not hurting anyone they should be free to do or say anything they wish. Why do you and your cohorts not talk about the fact that this guy wasn’t intercepted before he snapped? Why do you insist on focusing on just the tool he used instead of the ultimate reasons he did what he did? Look, I hate it as much as anyone, but more gun restrictions ARE NOT THE ANSWER any more than a lawnmower is the solution to a weed problem in your yard.
“Portland shooting puts mental health and easy access to handguns at issue.” What the hell ever. People who know better than that damn lawyer (and me, for that matter) have pointed out that guns of all kinds are harder to get now than at any time in American history. As the old saying goes, “gun control cannot survive without an accompanying sea of disinformation.”


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