A sobering reminder…

…of why it’s best to answer the door armed.
I drove to my old apartment complex today to get some more stuff out of my old place. Stuck in the door was one of those memo-type things they periodically pass out to residents, reminding folks of pest-spraying and stuff like that. This one was different. Its subject? Home invasions. I don’t remember the memo’s exact wording, but it said there had been several home invasions in the neighborhood, with two people knocking on doors and forcing their way in. Latest victim was in my old complex. These guys forced their way into a resident’s unit, in broad daylight, 5 last Sunday afternoon; they took credit cards, cash and a laptop computer. I read that and I was like, “oh heeeell no.” Then I called my girlfriend after I read it and I told her, “baby, you see why I want you to learn how to shoot my gun?” And you know, stuff like that makes me wish the home invaders would target more of those people who tell us we don’t need guns, or presume they have the authority to tell us what they think we need for whatever situation might arise, be it something like this or a Katrina-type event. ‘Cause remember, friends and neighbors — when seconds count, the police are only minutes away!


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