The title of an old song comes to mind…

…once again, on reading these two items: Some Fools Never Learn. The GOP elite last election season basically told the base to “sit down and shut up and vote for who we tell you to vote for,” and we see where it got us. One would think with them being so damn “intellectual,” they’d have figured out their way of doing things didn’t work. But then, now that I think about it, that would probably make them NOT intellectuals. At any rate, if real conservative principles are ever going to prevail again, the powers that be would be wise to tell these people to sit the hell down and have a nice, tall glass of shut the hell up. As one of the commenters said at OTB, “I’m becoming increasingly non-plussed with the assertion that Joe represents an ‘unserious’ move on the part of the GOP. It’s that attitude, disaffection and condescension of the Republican rank and file, that led us to the nomination of John McCain, for example, wherein we saw the crowds running much larger for Palin than McCain.”
(h/t Firehand)


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