So the politicians aren’t experts, huh?

It would seem that’s what one South Texas congressman is saying here

“It is my hope at this time that our borders with Mexico and Canada remain open so that trade may continue to flourish between our friendly nations unless experts, rather than politicians, see a need to close the borders,” said U.S. Rep. Ciro Rodriguez, D-San Antonio.

Who the experts would be in this case, I don’t know. But this post was going to go in a whole different direction not so long ago. I was going to say that maybe Ciro Rodriguez was bringing up this whole expert thing just because it was his ox that would be gored in the event we did close the border with Mexico. I was going to say that he’d do well to tell those Northeastern and big-city Democrats to lay off on the talk about more gun control since they don’t really know anything about guns in the first place and are obviously riding this whole “iron river to Mexico” thing in an attempt to force gun control on Americans with what amounts to a bald-faced lie. But one could say that in effect he did exactly that; he was one of the 65 Democrats to sign the letter to Attorney General Eric Holder (pdf alert) opposing a renewal of the Clinton gun ban. Whether that was out of political expediency I don’t know, and I note that Rodriguez was rated C by the NRA, but still it makes me tend to think he might not have said “leave it up to the experts” just because his district would be affected. I was honestly surprised by that.



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