Yeah, the last couple of days have been really good…

…which would explain no bloggy for you this morning! Better Half woke up and said, “Get your clothes on, you can ride with me to (hometown in Southwest Louisiana).” So I did. We took care of some business there, and once we headed back here she asked me, “What are we gonna do today?”
Me, I had no clue. She suggested we ride down to the beach. So off we went, spent a good 3-4 hours there collecting seashells, walking through the surf and just generally having a good ole time. We came back to our town and went and got ourselves a bite to eat at a Mexican place here in town, a place with a Thursday special on margaritas. Good times, good times. We would be shooting pool right now, but she got called in to go to work. I told her, “There’s always next week!” But I am thinking one of those days is going to be spent back down at the water’s edge, with an ice chest of full of libations. 😉 We did shoot some pool yesterday, though. It had been a long time since I had a pool cue in my hand, but with application of some of the stuff I learned in high school I held my own, even if a lot of it was seat-of-the-pants. I need to tell the guy that owns the jukebox to balance out some of the Beatles with some Stones. But yeah, life is good…



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