One of the things I REALLY hate about authoritarian statists…

…is their “Let them eat cake” mentality, as well as their self-righteous moralizing and finger-wagging, as seen here

The new fuel-efficiency and emission standards may lead to smaller cars with lighter engines. This is not what consumers prefer, auto analysts tell us.
They may be right that Americans want big, cheap cars. They also want free gasoline, clean air and complementary cocktails in coach. Meanwhile, they don’t want to send their money to petro-financed terrorists. And they don’t want to bail out U.S. carmakers going bankrupt in part because, when oil prices soared, Americans stopped buying big vehicles, as much as they might have preferred them.
The moral here is we can’t always have what we want. Life is a series of trade-offs. Had the previous administration gone to bat for tighter fuel-efficiency standards, U.S. automakers would not have been caught flat-footed when gas prices spiked last year. They’d be in better shape today.

Big, maybe, but cheap? Has Froma Harrop ever priced, say, a fully loaded Dodge Ram 2500 with the Cummins diesel? We’re looking at about a $45,000-$50,000 set of wheels here, which is something that could hardly be described as cheap. And, of course, reading this column you’ll see one critical component here that wasn’t even addressed. Just for grins, what would you rather be in when you hit a deer at 50 mph? A Toyota Prius or the aforementioned Dodge truck? Funny how the leftists are harping all the time about the dangers of liberty as the Founders intended it to be, whining about how “we need to (insert liberty-abrogating action here), for the CHILLLDREN!” and on the other hand we have missives such as this. I guess when it comes to Mother Gaia, potentially tens of thousands of deaths — tens of thousands of orphaned or dead CHILLLLDREN, if you wanna put it like that — are just so much collateral damage to those cretins. Which just goes to show, once again — it ain’t about safety. It’s about controlling OUR lives because THEY KNOW BETTER.


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