On certain commercials…

I never thought about one particular commercial being offensive to certain people…

I wonder if I am the only one offended by the latest Jack in the Box commercials? The one featuring little people is bad enough.

…but I can certainly see why it would be. My main beef with that particular ad, so to speak, was that it seemed like Jack in the Box was trying to pass those mini burgers off as an original idea when it quite obviously wasn’t, at least to anyone who’s been outside, for example, this particular area. Um, hello, but do the names “Krystal” and “White Castle” mean anything to these people? I like Jack in the Box just fine, really, but one would think they and their ad agency could have done better than that. Next thing you know they’ll come out with a burger with tartar sauce on it and try to market THAT as a new and exciting item too, when it has also been done — with great success, apparently.


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