Honestly, what are the teachers so afraid of?

I don’t get it

Robert Haynes grew up around guns.
He respects them.
“But there’s a time and a place for a person to have a firearm,” said Haynes, faculty senate president at Texas A&M International University.

Haynes, an associate professor of English, said he thinks that many faculty members will be anxious knowing students in the classroom are armed.

Good grief! “Students carrying guns, oh teh noes!” Really now, what the hell would be so different? Why would they not be worried about, say, police officers carrying them? Is there honestly any reason to believe someone’s more mentally stable and a better shot just because they carry a badge? Seeing the behavior of certain members of that noble brotherhood gives one the idea they’re really not any more mentally stable than the rest of us. I don’t mean to bash the cops here. I just don’t see why they’re given any more credit than the rest of us. And I just thought of something, actually. Why couldn’t the armed students communicate with campus security and work with them so as to minimize the risk of the good guy getting shot? Maybe that possibility has been mentioned and I missed it, but one would think if it had been mentioned it’d be discussed more than it has been in this whole debate. And the fact that no one’s discussed it indicates an appalling lack of thinking outside the box. But then that’s just me…


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