More proof that irony is completely lost on some people…

right here

Hip-hop star Akon spoke to students in upstate New York about gun violence as part of a plea agreement for tossing a fan off stage at a concert nearby.

Poughkeepsie Mayor John Tkazyik said Thursday’s forum fulfilled some of those hours. He said Akon will return to Poughkeepsie in September and participate in a Project SWAG – Society at War Against Guns – back-to-school conference.

Hot-tempered, violent rapper telling people, “guns’r’bad, hmmmkay?” Words fail me. And don’t you love how they talk of a War Against Guns as opposed to say, A War Against Getting Violent With People Just Because, They “Disrespected” You? Of course, if they did that with thugs like Akon as their spokesman they’d come off like a group of hypocritical morons. Oh, wait…they ARE hypocritical morons.


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