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Done what, now?

June 25, 2009

For him to be so damn smart allegedly, President Feckless sure says some stupid things

If nothing is done to jump-start alternative energy production, “Exxon Mobil could end up having huge windfalls,” Obama said. “But I don’t think anybody would suggest that that’s good for the U.S. economy and good for Texas over the long term.”

Nope, that could never be good for the Texas or U.S. economy. All those profits, all those expansions and capital outlays and the accompanying thousands of jobs that would be fueled by those “huge windfalls,” oh teh nooooes, no one would eeeever suggest that could be a good thing for the United States economy or Texas’ economy. Sweet bleedin’ jeebus, no wonder this country’s in such sad shape.

Couple of musical observations…

June 24, 2009

…before I jet for the day…
I don’t have Guns’n’Roses’ Appetite for Destruction yet. I desperately need to remedy that. I know well that “quantity” does not equal “quality,” but still, every time I hear a cut from that album I am reminded of just why it has sold almost 30 million copies worldwide since its 1987 release. “Nightrain” all by itself would have been worth the coin. Axl Rose may have all sorts of issues, but there’s no denying that the American rock’n’roll canon just would not have been the same without his band’s contributions to it.
On another note, Nickelback seem to me to be one of those bands that gets an undeservedly bad reputation; not long ago I saw them referred to as the “Rascal Flatts of rock.” Really? I mean, I could do without the ballads, but those boys can really rock when they want to….whereas it seems Rascal Flatts really struggle at sounding even remotely country…

I know the attorneys are just doing their jobs, but still…

June 24, 2009

this strikes me as an awful instance of shirking responsibility…

Lawyers for a man wrongly convicted in a sexual assault case asked jurors on Tuesday to make the city of Houston pay George Rodriguez $35 million, while a city attorney asked they give him nothing.

Rodriguez, who along with another of his lawyers sometimes teared up during the final arguments, spent 17 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted in the 1987 kidnapping and sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl.
A Houston Police Department crime lab analyst lied in Rodriguez’s trial about body fluids from the crime scene, saying evidence excluded another suspect, but not Rodriguez. DNA evidence later cleared Rodriguez and pointed to the other suspect.

City attorneys have said it was not city policies or then-Police Chief Lee P. Brown that was responsible for the wrongful conviction. Instead they’ve blamed the ex-city employee and suggested the trial prosecutor and defense attorney had a part.

It might well have been the fault of those people, but the fact is they were working as agents of the city of Houston, on the payroll of the city. So for all practical intents and purposes it would seem to me that The City was indeed to blame for what happened to Mr. Rodriguez. And they should be on the hook for that. To the tune of what amount I don’t know, but 17 years is worth a hell of a lot if you ask me, considering that is time he’ll never, ever get back. I don’t know if I would trade 17 years of my life for $35 million, but considering the city forcibly took that from him it seems like at least a start.

Oh, my, a harsher tone…

June 24, 2009

Yes sir, I bet the mullahs are really scared now

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama hardened his tone toward Iran on Tuesday, condemning the government for its crackdown against election protesters and accusing Iran’s leaders of fabricating charges against the United States.

Those theocratic thugs aren’t going to be stopped with harsh words. They’re only going to be stopped with bullets and bombs. I don’t know what kinds of options the government has for making that happen, but it’d sure be nice if they could maybe get on that. Somebody ought to ask those Republican senators what exactly a harsher tone is going to be accomplished considering the mullahs and their agents don’t give a damn about what the international community thinks. They sound a bit, I don’t know, pedantic here.

What was it I was just saying…

June 23, 2009

about leftists and their thought processes?

I’m nobody’s idea of an anti-gun crusader. But when I consider the sorts of things the Iranians could stand to borrow from America, a poorly worded amendment dealing with gun ownership rights and militias is way down the list. I think that maybe Iran could stand to have some separation of powers, a line between church and state, a free press, freedom to worship, the right to assemble, the right to speak freely, a freedom from unlawful searches, due process of law, womens’ suffrage, and a government that doesn’t terrorize its citizens with armed thugs or threaten its neighbors through terrorist proxies.

So, Mr. Linkins, assuming they actually got all those other things before they got armed…how would you suggest they defend those things in the event some would-be turbaned tyrants tried to take them all away? Throw rocks? Idiot.
(h/t Mr. Codrea, who asks, “If she (Neda Agha-Soltan — ed.) were your daughter, wouldn’t you want to shoot back?” Apparently the answer is no…)

Irony. Some groups haz it.

June 23, 2009

Reading this story about the Iranian woman slain on this video reminds me of perhaps one of the biggest incongruities I’ve seen in feminist thinking, and perhaps liberal thinking in general. Members of both groups are always wringing their hands over such things, and of course wagging their fingers too, but never once have I seen them ever approach the topic of fighting back. Of course, you know how they approach the topic of guns here in the States, but they never, ever stop to think of how guns could work for the oppressed groups. How the hell do they expect the Iranians to fight back, by throwing rocks? Of course they’d probably say “those people would still be outgunned,” but this woman was allegedly killed from some distance, perhaps using nothing more exotic than Grandpa’s deer rifle. The shooter might even have been using just his iron sights. There’s a lesson in there somewhere…

No, I’d say they’re doing it right…

June 22, 2009

…for once, down in Mexico

The Mexican legislature has voted quietly to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of pot, cocaine, methamphetamine and other drugs, an effort that in the past has proved highly controversial.

Some critics have suggested that easing the punishment on drug possession sends the wrong message at a time when President Felipe Calderon is waging a bloody war on major narcotics traffickers. The battle between law enforcement authorities and drug suspects has claimed more than 11,000 lives in the past 2.5 years.

Sending the wrong message. I can almost understand that, but the thing about it is, the War On Some Drugs is a burden on the justice system all the way up and down the line, from front-line law enforcement, to the courts, to the jails. Something like this that will take the strain off some of that and perhaps free up resources to fight the cartels (to say nothing of fighting the smaller crimes Milton Friedman spoke of in his letter to Bill Bennett) should be applauded, not criticized. We have to start somewhere, and I think that’s a damn good one.

And the nanny-state mentality seeps deeper…

June 21, 2009

…or so it would seem, reading this comment to this story:

Are we any better off after giving in to the so-called “freedom of speech” argument for this genre (Deep Throat, etc. — ed.) of movies?
I think we have desensitized ourselves to this and violence. Even TV shows at anytime of the day or night have loads of adult material and we just keeping watching and waiting for the next big “no no” that will be allowed.

Even if this is true, the only thing I can say to it is, so what? Better that it be that way than us having government agencies backed up with lethal force telling us what we can and can’t watch or listen to — and what we can and can’t put on record or video. Even what this story detailed was absolutely outrageous. FBI agents seizing copies of Deep Throat? Really? I shudder to think what they’d have been seizing had they been doing the same thing with heavy metal music in the 1980s at the behest of the PMRC. (You should have seen my reaction the first time I heard the WASP song “Animal”…) Yeah, a lot of those films and records are way the hell out there to say to the least. But it should be up to the individual — not the government — to decide whether to watch or listen. I could almost understand why some might ask if we’re better off, but the bedrock principle of freedom of speech is tolerating things that might offend you. It’s pretty frightening to think the average American doesn’t understand or agree with that.

Sometimes the original’s just better…

June 21, 2009

Now playing at The Roadhouse: Floyd Cramer, “Last Date,” from 1960. Conway Twitty’s later remake of the song with lyrics was okay, I suppose, but I always thought the instrumental original was the better of the two. Even if it wasn’t what one would call stone-country, it was still a great, great record.

"…or we’ll say ‘Stop!’ again…"

June 20, 2009

One of the Smartest Guys In The Room, once again, on the theocratic thugs’ suppression of the Iranian people

“We call on the Iranian government to stop all violent and unjust actions against its own people,” Obama said in a written statement. “Suppressing ideas never succeeds in making them go away.”

One wonders where that last sentence came from. It seems so out of place, so…inartful. Like he’s saying, “We want those malcontents to go away as bad as you do, guys, but you’re making us all look bad.” And the whole thing has the air of saying, “Stop! Or we’ll say ‘Stop!’ again! And that will be followed posthaste by a sternly worded letter to the United Nations sternly urging a sternly worded resolution!” In all seriousness, though we all know exactly what’s going to happen here, right? The same thing that always happens when people without guns stand up to people with guns, of course. It’s worth asking why Obama and his administration just stand idly by wagging their fingers…