Yet another lesson, maybe…

I find myself watching NCIS yet again, the episode in which Special Agent Caitlin Todd meets her demise at the hands of a sniper — using a bolt-action .308 Winchester, perhaps not one that much different than Grandpa’s old deer rifle the gun-control advocates say they don’t want to take away. And, of course, said sniper has the shit scared out of everyone in the agency as he’s stalking them. Jim Zumbo, way back when, said, “an assault rifle is a terrifying thing.” How terrifying is it, though, to be stalked by someone who can put lead between your eyes from 300-plus yards away? And were such a campaign undertaken in the wake of some confiscation scheme, how long would it take for the, shall we say, more tame gun-control groups to start demanding their confiscation too?


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