Ted, you’re my hero, dude…

…because of comments like this:

I’m not at all surprised that B. Woodman is doing better with his 2 year Electronics degree than someone who went to Wellesley for a 4 year Medieval Lit degree.

I’m discussing with the Mrs. sending them to Vo-tech, and spotting them the difference in education cost to start their own business. Not sure if this is what we’ll do, but it looks like the big universities are very near pulling every penny in future added salary out of their students. Not bad for a bunch of Marxists who all hate capitalism …

and this:

I’m happy to explain it to the European Union “President”:

Unlike the EU, we have an actual government, which is actually elected by the people. Since the people think that scum like these should not be around to be released from prison by a bunch of noblesse-oblige bureaucrats, we still use the – very popular – death penalty.

The scandal in the USA is that only 1000 of these animals have met justice.

The scandal in the EU is that unelected bureaucrats feel free to flout the very popular death penalty. Since the phony EU government is unelected in any meaningful way, the people in the EU get shafted. That’s the scandal there.

And since the EU “president” is president of a phony government with about as much legitimacy as the local Kiwanis, we’ll give his statement precisely as much attention as it deserves.

Apologies to the Kiwanis who, unlike the EU, actually do some good in the world.

No need to thank me, I was happy to help.

If you did not have a blog, friend, I’d hound you till you started one…LOLOL


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