Another demonstration of ‘when seconds count…"

“…the police are only minutes away…”

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Everett Skinner and his family have started keeping their windows closed at night after a bear broke into their southwest Oregon home and he fatally shot it.
The bear ripped off a window screen and climbed into their den Saturday night, Skinner said.
Skinner’s daughter Nicole awoke at about 11:30 p.m. to a strange shuffling sound and was the first to spot the bruin. She quickly retreated to her parents’ room to get help.
Everett Skinner grabbed his shotgun and went to the den, where he and the bear saw each other at about the same time. He said the animal stood up and headed toward him, so he fired.

But remember, friends, Paul Helmke and Michael Beard say we don’t need guns because it’s the police’s job to protect us! After all, they’re the only ones professional enough! And of course we all know if Mr. Skinner had just given the bear what he wanted instead of shot him, everything would still have turned out juuuust fine….


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