Another bad thing…

…about having to deal with sprawl

Walter’s on Washington, a popular live-music venue on Washington Avenue, will close this fall and reopen at a new location. Club owner Pam Robinson can’t reveal the new location until it gets approval from the Alcoholic Beverage Commission, but she says it will be downtown in a 1928 warehouse.

The new venue will also be removed from residential areas. As the area near Walter’s began to gentrify, noise complaints about the venue became more common. A noise complaint in 2006 led to a skirmish between police and fans, resulting in multiple arrests and taserings.

I know those people have to have a place to live, but are they selfish or just stupid? “Hey, let’s move next door to a live music venue!” Lucky for the owner of this particular venue she found a bigger and better place to go, but even so other amenities like shooting ranges are left with fewer options. I see that’s become a bigger problem in certain places as well — people moving into the vicinity of a shooting range and complaining about the noise and safety. (Hey, that’s generally what you’re gonna deal with when you do that sort of thing!) That’d be like people moving to this area and complaining about the chemical plants. Were it not for the fact that so many people rightfully refer to it as “the smell of money,” no doubt those complaints would be as loud as the complaints of the people who move next door to the shooting range or live music venue. Some people just think the world revolves around them, I guess…


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  1. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Gentrification killed Audry’s Restaurant and damn near killed the Liberty Bar as well. The owner of the restaurant sold out–the building Audry’s is in & two historic houses right next to it are going to be torn down so they can put in medical offices (well, at least it’s not another damn hotel). The Liberty Bar had to move because of the redevelopment of the Pearl Brewery raised the rents so high in the area they simply cannot afford to stay.

    The Pearl redevelopment may well kill Nightmare on Grayson St. as well, as the city’s getting pissy about allowing them parking under the highway. Nevermind that the haunted house has been there 20 years.

    The city gov’t is working hard to suck all the uniqueness out of SA. I don’t have any interest in living in Little Austin!
    08/28/2009, 19:23:20
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    the pistolero
    The city gov’t is working hard to suck all the uniqueness out of SA
    No doubt. I’d guess that has more to do with money than anything else.

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