Heyyyy, another favorite…

….at Outlaw Country, Sirius Ch. 63: “Sundown, you better take care, if I find you been creepin’ ’round my back step….”
Not the Gordon Lightfoot original, although it is a favorite of mine as well. Central Texas native Deryl Dodd also recorded that song. I’m not exactly sure when he recorded it, but I remember 99.5 the Wolf in Dallas was playing it pretty regularly around 2000-01. “Sundown” finally showed up on a Deryl Dodd cd called Pearl Snaps in early 2002. Pearl Snaps was a great cd as well, featuring a few cuts from Dodd’s first album that had since gone out of print — a great rendition of Tom T. Hall’s “That’s How I Got to Memphis,” Dodd’s own “She’ll Have You Back” (also recorded by Tim McGraw), and the title cut from that first album, “One Ride In Vegas.” There was also the title track to Dodd’s A Bitter End cd, and another of those songs that 99.5 the Wolf had in pretty heavy rotation, a love song to our fine state called “On Earth As It Is In Texas.” (Dear Lord, let me walk in the light of a lone star high above meeeee…)
As for “Sundown”…it seems to me that Deryl Dodd is another of those singers who couldn’t do anything but country music, as he turned Lightfoot’s pop-folk classic into a modern-day Texas country classic. Of course folk and country have always been kissin’ cousins, I guess you could say, but it was still awesome. As is that entire cd, which is another that I would very highly recommend you add to your collection.


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