Wow, so much for real solutions…

Reading this story, one would almost have expected somebody at some level to observe that if the people of New Orleans were more self-sufficient more of them would have been able to make it out before Hurricane Katrina hit. But I suppose that wouldn’t have fit the popular narrative that Katrina’s catastrophic aftermath was the result of the federal government dropping the ball, never mind that it was the local and state government’s responsibility to step in before the feds took over. I know there are always going to be those who need help getting the hell out of Dodge when the time comes, but it’s still worth asking why so many of them were in New Orleans — and how many of them were in that predicament because of their own bad choices. Call me heartless, but that’s just what I think.



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  1. southtexaspistolero Says:

    The thing that gets me is extremes. It seems as if there’s almost no one who came out of NOLA who was just a normal person. We have a handful of restaurants–at least one pretty successful, & popular–opened by Katrina refugees, but the main story of them in San Antonio has been a turf war between local and NOLA incarnations of gangs, and a general spike of violence no one in the city is willing to admit is caused by them.
    08/30/2009, 08:23:53
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    The gang thing was pretty common in parts of east Texas, as I recall.

    As to why not enough people got out, I think there are two reasons.

    1)An over reliance on government by people who have depended on government largess much or all of their lives.

    2)A total lack of pre planning and preparation by that same government. They just couldn’t deal with the thought that the city would be devastated.
    08/30/2009, 15:12:40
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    the pistolero
    no one in the city is willing to admit
    Really? I know it’s been a sore point in Houston with a lot of people since Katrina rolled ashore. It seems to be a general implication, if not an outright admission, that there was a spike in crime because of the Katrina refugees. One gun store in Houston even ran a promotion for a little while there: “When the Katricians are saying crime will go up if they don’t keep getting their free rent, it’s time for you to get your concealed handgun license.”
    And TOTWTYTR, that was EXACTLY what I was getting at. It seems to me to be quite a cop-out that no one’s admitting that.
    08/31/2009, 09:32:06
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    I should have said “Which no one in the city government is willing to admit.” That will teach me to read your blog before I am fully awake!

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