Missing the Purpose…

I wonder if it ever crossed the minds of the people who started the museum mentioned here that most if not all of the wars in which the United States has fought were started with the aggression of other nations or parties. Peace is great, but some people aren’t really all that receptive to leaving everyone else alone, which of course is how things like wars break out. See, for example, the Germans ca. 1939 or the Japanese ca. 1941. I thought it was funny how that so-called “peace museum” had an exhibit consisting of pictures of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, considering the fact that if it had not been for those cities getting nuked the war would have dragged on that much longer and God only knows how many more Americans (and Japanese) would have died. And I thought it was also interesting how they had an exhibit dedicated to the U.N., as I read something in the “Today in History” feature in the newspaper the other day that was just one illustration of how useless that organization really is when it comes to keeping the peace:
“October 26, 1996 — As eastern Zaire slides into chaos, the United Nations evacuates aid workers from the camp in Bukavu, leaving half a million Hutu refugees from Rwanda to fend for themselves.”
That pretty much says it all, I think. I know those people have a right to their misguided opinions, but is it so wrong of me to think they’ve proven themselves unworthy of the sacrifices made for them to be able to continue their self-righteous posturing?


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