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You’d think a journalist would know better..

October 22, 2009

…than to display this sort of complacency (h/t Armed and Safe):

For those of us not yet convinced the feds’ grand plan is to strip us of our inalienable rights, the visions of doom seem a bit over the top.

Odd. I have yet to see the NRA as a organization or any of its representatives try to persuade the people that “the feds’ grand plan is to strip us of our inalienable rights,” just that we should be alert and on guard, as the Founding Fathers intended, against government’s natural propensity (even if it is unintended) to grow more powerful and take more of our rights. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that a West Coast journalist would misrepresent the NRA’s or American gun owners’ position to advance his own, but it’s still quite disappointing.

That’s just the capper to this whole bit of inanity, as Mr. Barnidge had this to say earlier in the piece:

Was it (the Second Amendment — ed.) intended to protect states’ rights to arm a “well regulated militia” against an overbearing national government as the wording suggests, or does it mean that every American has the right to strap on a shoulder holster in the morning and keep an Uzi under his pillow at night?
Wow, where to start with this? Considering the Founding Fathers had just finished throwing off a tyrannical government, the prospect that they would codify in the Constitution the right of ANY government to arm itself is utterly fatuous. It’s also incredibly hypocritical and self-serving for the leftists to advocate this position. Considering how they’ve been denigrating the Tea Party activists for the activists’ advocacy of a less powerful federal government in favor of power decentralized among the 50 states (see also the Dems’ shrieking about Rick Perry’s comments vis-a-vis secession), does anyone honestly think they’re seriously advocating the Second Amendment allowing the states to arm to protect their respective citizens against the depredations of the federal government? They can’t have it both ways.
As for the Uzi-under-the-pillow argument — well, of COURSE the 2A allows for that. No honest reading of the amendment allows for any other interpretation. To reprise and revise my comment from Armed and Safe, though — if I had my choice for a subgun, I’d take a 10mm MP5. While we’re talking about gun fantasies, how about a few hundred mags of full-power ammo of various weights from Double Tap? With that longer barrel those 155- and 180-grain Gold Dots would take care of anything you needed to take care of with that MP5…

Wow, another blind squirrel finds a nut…

October 21, 2009

…and this morning it’s Kathleen Parker:

States’ rights and conservatism are old friends β€” except when they’re not. While many Republicans nurse a libertarian streak, the party has been selective in its support of federalist principles. The George W. Bush administration refused to honor states authorizing medical uses of cannabis, for instance, but aimed to return abortion and marriage issues to state jurisdictions.

Yes, indeed. I must say I am appalled at those — on the left and right — who advocate the “states’ rights” principle only when it suits them, on issues such as gun control and gay marriage. I am well aware of the purpose of the Tenth Amendment, but I am sure the Founders would be aghast at the prospect of the Tenth Amendment — or, for that matter, any other part of the Constitution (Commerce Clause, I’m lookin’ at you, kid!) — being used to sanction any abrogation of the people’s rights and liberties, as it so often seems to be these days.

Wow, you mean he said something worth listening to and agreeing with?

October 19, 2009

Louis Farrakhan, that is:

MEMPHIS, Tenn. β€” Minister Louis Farrakhan on Sunday urged his followers not to become complacent by President Barack Obama’s election and to work to repair communities.

“You may not be pleased with everything he’s saying and doing, but you have to understand that he’s been voted in to take care of the affairs of a nation, and not yours and mine particularly,” Farrakhan said. “He’s the American president, not the black president.”
Given those broad responsibilities, African-Americans need to “accept responsibility to build our own communities,” Farrakhan said.

I must admit it was quite refreshing to see that as opposed to Farrakhan exhorting his followers to agitate for “social justice” or some other insidious leftist nonsense. Taking responsibility for cleaning up your own community as opposed to waiting for someone else to do it for you. What a concept! Of course, there’s still the matter of his general bigotry and anti-Semitism that no one talks about…

Thank y’all…

October 19, 2009

…for the well wishes. They are very much appreciated. All that and brownies, too. A man could not ask for more. πŸ™‚ Yes, I am still here! And don’t worry, TBeck. I will be very good to her. I know she is to me. She’s the best thing ever.

Now, back to your normally scheduled programming blogging…

A road trip made of WIN and covered in AWESOMESAUCE.

October 16, 2009

Those of you who have been reading lately might have gotten the idea that something was afoot, based on some of the posts I’ve written and my not-quite-so-frequent posting. There’s a reason for that, and a damn good one. πŸ™‚
You might have guessed I have a sweetheart. If you did, well, you’d be right — the one who, as I’ve said before, shares my passions and stirs my intellect like no other. She lives some distance away, and we’ve been chatting on Facebook for a few weeks now. The whole thing, as many things of this nature do, started out as her and me being just friends. One thing led to another and we found out we had A LOT in common — outlook on life, a deep affinity for the old country and a love of all things Texas, and that was just for starters. Mind you, all of this was before the Facebook friending. She and I got to talking on Facebook not quite a month ago. During one of our first conversations, I made a comment about remembering birthdays & anniversaries, and she told me that’d get me brownie points. I am not sure what exactly prompted me to ask this, but I asked her what long, slow kisses & fingers in her hair would get me. Her answer:
“Actual brownies!”
And so it started. She told me of her past, and how she had been hurt deeply by the man who vowed to love her forever, and how she was reluctant to trust again. But even so, no matter how long it would take, I just couldn’t let her slip away from me. I just got a feeling deep inside of me, that we would be good for each other. And so one thing led to another, and I made plans to go to her hometown after certain obligations on my part were taken care of in mid-November. Well, things are still on track for that….but yesterday, she and I were chatting on Facebook as we always do during the day, and she told me she was trying not to think of the fact that we were both free the next day. Me being the smartass that I can be sometimes, I repeated it back to her — that we were both free the next day — and we started toying around with the idea of meeting halfway between here and there.
“Pistolero….say the word and I’ll be out the door.”
“Let’s do it.”
“Meet me back here in about an hour.”
So I went home, took a shower and changed clothes, packed a suitcase and we finalized the details. I was out the door about 5:30 or so, on I-10 westbound. Lucky for me I missed the Houston traffic, but once I got to my destination — Columbus, Texas, some 70 miles west of Houston — I had a bitch of a time finding the hotel. But I finally did, and pulled up beside her green car, and got out as she opened the door and smiled at me.
“I thought I’d never get here!”
But I did, and as I did, I took her in my arms, and we kissed, so long and so slow. And so began the lead-in to what she described as the “best Thursday ever.” You hear a lot of people say that in-person meeting is what tells the tale, and that’s the truth. The truth, if it is there, is also in the touch. And when she touched me, when she kissed me, when she held me, the truth was so strong I could feel it, to the depths of my soul. There’s no way that could be faked. And she feels it in mine as well. More truths made themselves known in the last day. You recall the old music I spoke of earlier. Well, we were in my truck and I had the Sirius radio on, and she and I sang along to all the same songs. I have known no one in my life who has ever done that with me. No one. I never knew the music was such a vital part of me, but it is, and she shares that with me — along with everything else. She told me she brought a book to read. I remember telling her I was thinking she’d brought it for other reasons, and that it would really suck if she’d had to read that book lying on the couch as I was in the bed, or vice-versa. I’ve said before here, in comments, that she was my female twin. She later told me that she got a really bad vibe from that, and let’s just say I’m glad she did get that bad vibe. It would totally suck if we were related, because when she lies in my arms, she feels like she was made just for them. In short? She’s just as beautiful, sharp-witted, funny and intelligent in real life as she is online. (Oh, and she brought me actual brownies, too! We ate them at this little park on the Colorado River just outside of town. :-)) And you readers might have gotten this idea before now, but I finally must confess it here…
I love you, Sabra.

The prosecutor almost got it…

October 14, 2009

…but not quite:

Three men convicted of the gang rape of a West Palm Beach woman and the beating of her young son were sentenced to life in prison Tuesday.
Palm Beach Circuit Judge Krista Marx sentenced Jakaris Taylor, 17, and Nathan Walker, 18, to life in prison while Tommy Poindexter, 20, was sentenced to life in prison with a mandatory minimum of 25 years in prison. A fourth defendant, Avion Lawson, 16, pleaded guilty and will be sentenced in December.
The four were convicted of barging into the then-35-year-old woman’s West Palm Beach apartment in 2007 and raping her repeatedly, then beating her then-12-year-old son and forcing her to perform oral sex on him. They then doused the two in chemicals and left when they could not find a match.

“This community has a right to be protected from these juveniles,” she (prosecutor Aleatha McRoberts — ed.) said. “Short of killing this woman and her son, there is not much worse they could have done.”

Not only does the community have a right to be protected from such monsters, but they also have a right to protect themselves from such monsters. As we see, the police did not get there in time to protect this woman and her son, and we all know, of course, that the police were under no obligation to do so. You wonder why I don’t ascribe any benevolent motives to anti-gun individuals? You wonder why I think they’re inherently evil? I do so because they want to make it harder, if not impossible, for us to defend ourselves against creatures like the ones who did this. I just do not see any excuse whatsoever for that.

Yeah, ’cause everyone knows..

October 13, 2009

…this kid was just a thug-in-training, right?

NEWARK, Del. β€” A Delaware first-grader who wanted to eat lunch at school with his favorite camping utensil, a combination of folding fork, knife and spoon, now faces 45 days in reform school.
Hundreds of people were expected to attend a school board meeting Tuesday evening to object to the suspension of 6-year-old Zachary Christie from Downes Elementary School for bringing the camping utensil from home.
The folding knife is banned as a dangerous instrument under the Christina School District’s zero-tolerance policy in the student code of conduct and officials said they have to act regardless of his age or what he planend to do with the instrument.

I certainly would like to know what in the hell they think they’re going to reform in little Zachary. I’d like to think it’ll bring out his inner libertarian and its inherent distrust of authority, but who knows?

Post for the day…

October 12, 2009

….before I go off to make some more money…
This may seem like a little thing, but it’s just wonderful when you sing along with an old song you love, and she loves it too, as opposed to giving you a look that resembles the look you’d get for eating a live kitten. Looking back the fact that I did get one of those looks from the ex-girlfriend as I sang one of those old songs should have been a huge red flag, but hey, you live and you learn. πŸ™‚

Honestly, this was not surprising to me.

October 11, 2009

Much consternation may be found here, over the words of one Bryan Miller. I must say I am not surprised by it, and furthermore I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he was speaking for more than a few gun control advocates. After all, it’s not as if they’re above defaming us anyway, as you know if you pay attention to what they say and how they spin things. Would it honestly be that much of a stretch to think most if not all of them are thinking “we were right and she was wrong, nyah-nyah-nyah….”? After all, you see how they’re all conveniently ignoring the fact that Melanie Hain’s husband was an “Only One“…

Oooh. Now playing on the Boneyard, Sirius Ch. 19: “Foreclosure of a Dream.” I love me some Megadeth, yes indeed…

Why should they?

October 9, 2009

Why should Democrats on the national level, that is, worry about unseating New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg? He’s practically one of them!