Scene: Yesterday at Bill Miller’s BBQ, adjacent to the San Antonio College campus just north of downtown. Sabra and I are sitting there eating breakfast, as Alan Jackson’s “Good Time” comes on KJ97. I think that’s perhaps my least favorite AJ tune after “Chattahoochee.” And the following bit of conversation ensues:

Me: “That song makes me understand perfectly why you don’t like Alan Jackson as much as I do.”
Sabra: “But I LIKE that song.”
Me, as I burst out laughing: “Ohhh, okay!”

She defended her like of the song by saying it was just a fluffy, fun piece — which it is, of course. But that’s all right. No one said our tastes had to line up 100 percent. They almost do, though — a damn sight more than mine and Kitty-Eater’s tastes did, I’ll tell ya that right quick. 😉 Sure is nice, too.

Huh, isn’t this interesting, Cody Canada and the boys doing “Whiskey River”…a damn fine job of it, too. Sabra and I agree on that!


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