Quote of the new year, maybe…

right here, on Otis McDonald:

Armed self-defense was a cherished African-American tradition – until we (black men — ed.) became Democrats. But brothers like McDonald know one thing: Well-meaning Democrats can’t stop the thug invading your home.

Yep. I love how Mr. Kane also called out charlatans like Barack Obama and Tavis Smiley for leaving people like Otis McDonald and those like him twisting in the wind. It has struck me for a long time that blacks are just like Jews, in that the big organizations and personalities purporting to represent those groups care more about currying favor with a certain political party than they are about looking out for the groups’ ultimate best interests. And the smaller groups, such as CORE and JPFO, seem to get painted as fringe groups, and that’s a real shame.

(h/t David Codrea)


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