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Telling it like it is…

March 19, 2010

TOTWTYTR, in comments here:

Every Republican President has been a better supporter of Israel than any Democrat President. Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush, and Bush were all staunch supporters. Carter, Clinton, Obama, have all been weak supporters at best. Carter is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Arabia, Clinton was a fanboi of Arafat, and Obama is unrelentingly hostile to Israel while kissing the asses of it’s collective enemies.

In spite of it, as he goes on to say, American Jews have scorned Republicans; in fact, American Jews have been one of the most reliable Democrat-leaning voting blocs for a very long time. As has been implied before, it seems that the ADL is much more into looking after the interests of liberal American Jews — emphasis on liberal — than anything else, with its support of gun control, abortion and hate-crimes laws. And still they are taken seriously…

Not that this was news…

March 18, 2010

but Roy Bragg doesn’t get it any more than Scott Stroud does:

Fueled by ideology and bereft of life’s excess baggage, i.e. feelings such as “compassion” and “loyalty,” you’ll jettison anyone who isn’t a True Believer.

John McCain? Another war hero and another longtime Republican, but he wasn’t conservative enough in 2008, so he’s under the bus.

Pretty funny that he’d bring up John McCain here, since McCain has been throwing conservatives and Republicans under the bus at every opportunity since he became a senator — even his own running mate in last year’s election. He might not have savaged Palin himself, but you know that if he’d had a shred of honor in him, he’d have gone on the warpath to stick up for her as opposed to letting her twist in the wind as his aides slimed her. As for him being a war hero — yeah, so? John Murtha was a war hero and he was a scumbag, too.

Does she get paid for this?

March 18, 2010

Alison Bonaguro, that is:

…someone played this new song, “Just Breathe,” for me…I did like it. Until I found out that it was A PEARL JAM SONG. Pearl Jam, of the screaming grungy alt-rock fame. Not really my thing as a hardcore country fan. But since my gut reaction to this song was a good one, I think I’d better add it to my one-off playlist and keep it handy in case anyone ever accuses me of having a one-track mind.

and for this?

Well, when I don’t hear twin fiddles and a steel guitar, I think I must be listening to just another rock song. And I don’t really like it. So when I first saw this Rascal Flatts video for “Unstoppable,” with so much guitar and not much else, I was not a fan. But then I remembered, “Oh yeah, I love this song.”

One-track mind? One could be forgiven for thinking someone who would write things like that had no mind at all. I think anyone who likes Rascal Flatts has little if any business calling him/herself a hardcore country fan. And I daresay that a one-off playlist of one or two songs each from a few non-country singers or bands isn’t even close to an indicator of being open-minded when it comes to other genres of music. Let’s see a few albums from those other artists and some intelligent conversation about them. Otherwise you’re just a shallow-minded poser. And to show I’m *not* a shallow-minded poser, a few comments about a sampling of my own iTunes…

Kelly Clarkson, Breakaway (2004): Yes, I admit it, I bought this cd and really enjoyed it. I’m not a fan of the whole American Idol concept, and I think those who call Adam Lambert a “rock god” don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. But this was a nice, well-rounded top-40 pie, served up by one of the best voices in pop music these days. I particularly liked the songs that had their main characters refusing to be walked on, such as “Gone” and “Walk Away.” But the slower songs that showed their characters’ more vulnerable side, such as “Because of You” and “Where Is Your Heart” were enjoyable as well.

Megadeth, “Rust In Peace” (1990): The band started by ex-Metallica guitarist Dave Mustaine in 1985 had a string of great thrash metal records from its formation, but it was “Rust in Peace” that many say was the band’s artistic peak. I am still working on my Megadeth collection, so I can’t honestly make that assessment, but I can say that this album is a thrash metal masterpiece, from beginning to end. The galloping guitar intro to “Holy Wars (The Punishment Due)” gets me going every time, and “Tornado of Souls” has a really infectious groove to it. Mustaine’s topics were very similar to James Hetfield and company’s — religious wars (“Holy Wars”), secret government compounds housing aliens (“Hangar 18”), and the brutality of war in general (“Take No Prisoners”). A lot of people love one band and hate the other, but I love them both, and this album is a prime example of why I love Megadeth.

Merle Haggard, “Down Every Road” (1994): If you get one Haggard compilation in your life, this 4-cd boxed set is the one to get. They called Merle the “poet of the common man,” and this 100-song collection is the ultimate illustration of every reason for that. Many of Merle’s great prison songs are on here (“Sing Me Back Home,” “Mama Tried,” “Huntsville”), the tales of the common folk of America and the hard times they faced (“If We Make It Through December,” “California Cottonfields,” “Tulare Dust”), and even Merle’s derision of society’s intolerance of interracial love (“Go Home,” “Irma Jackson.”) If you’re a hardcore country fan, well, you NEED this in your collection.

I could go on, but you get the point. I’ll put my music tastes up against anyone’s — perhaps not my knowledge, but then I’ll freely admit that I have a lot left to learn. I should note, though, that my wife made a good point a few weeks back as we were tooling down IH-35 on the north side of San Antonio. She said that it was not necessarily a bad thing to have narrow tastes in music, that if you claimed to like any kind of music you really weren’t much of a discriminating music fan. Some might think that has an elitist air to it, but as she said, if you like everything in general, you like nothing in particular. And as I thought about it, I came to see there’s nothing wrong with having what people would term “narrow tastes.” Some might still think I have them. But I like to think of myself as a hell of a lot more enlightened than someone who wouldn’t like a Pearl Jam song because it was supposedly “not country,” yet in another blog post sing the praises of Rascal Flatts as a “country” band.

(h/t Country California)

Today we run away…

March 17, 2010

Check Sabra’s blog about 1:30 today. That’s all I’m going to say about that. It’ll tell you all you need to know… 😉

Yeah, that sounds about right to me…

March 16, 2010

A letter-writer in today’s San Antonio Express-News:

The two rights liberals hate and fear most are the right of free speech — unless they’re the ones speaking — and the right to keep and bear arms. The Supreme Court stood up for the citizens for once.

Try as I may, I can’t really argue with that. How else to explain all the lefty caterwauling after Heller v. D.C and Citizens United v. FEC? And how else does one explain this statement from John Mellencamp?

“I don’t think people fought and gave their lives so that some guy can sit in his bedroom and be mean. I don’t think that’s what freedom of speech is…Freedom of speech is really about assembly — for us to collectively have an idea. We want to get our point of view out so we can assemble and I can appoint you to be the spokesman. That’s freedom of speech — to be able to collectively speak for a sector of people.

I wonder why the reporter didn’t ask him what group appointed him to say that? And what is it with liberals and their collective-right fetish?

That’s what you get…

March 14, 2010

…when you pick up an angry rattlesnake, you should nigh well EXPECT to get bitten

“We are shocked and stunned at the Administration’s tone and public dressing down of Israel,” Anti-Defamation League director Abraham Foxman said in a statement. “We cannot remember an instance when such harsh language was directed at a friend and ally of the United States.”

Suck it, Abe. Your organization supported that bastard Obama over McCain, even if you couldn’t do it officially. I’d bet that over 90 percent of the ADL’s membership voted for him, despite the fact that McCain was a much better friend of the Israelis than Obama could have even pretended to be. Just like you support things like gun control which make it so much easier for your people to be oppressed and even exterminated. You reap what you sow, dude.

(h/t Firehand)

"Country. You keep using that term."

March 10, 2010

“I do not think it means what you think it means.

He did do country songs on idol, Jesus takes the wheel, hope you dance, what hurts the most and I think there’s one more.

Goodness, what can I say to that? “I Hope You Dance” was arguably Lee Ann Womack’s most pop-sounding song, to the point that MCA was able to make a top-40 remix of it. I might’ve given the dude some credit if he’d done, say, “Does My Ring Burn Your Finger” or “I May Hate Myself In the Morning.” To paraphrase one of CMW’s comments from last year, are we to understand that the closest Danny Gokey can get to traditional country is a poppish detour by a solid traditionalist? And those other two choices pretty much speak for themselves. Carrie Underwood and Rascal Flatts. Really. I wonder if these people think that if you call a turd a chocolate eclair that automatically makes it one. Hand to God, this was my Facebook status yesterday afternoon as a certain song was playing on Sirius:

“‘…Fill the cracks in, with judicial granite….because I don’t say it, don’t mean I ain’t thinkin’ it….’ Ahhh, Megadeth. You see what Rascal Flatts and Carrie Underwood have driven me to listen to?”

You know what this is?

March 9, 2010


A decade-old probation report on a sex offender accused of murdering Southern California teenager Chelsea King says a psychiatrist concluded he had “significant predatory traits” toward underage girls.
The report released by a San Diego court on Tuesday was prepared in 2000 for the sentencing of then-20-year-old John Albert Gardner III after he pleaded guilty to committing lewd acts on a 13-year-old neighbor girl. The victim was also punched repeatedly.

is another example of the kind of person Paul Helmke, Sarah Brady, Abby Spangler, et al. seem to have no problem with walking the streets, free to predate at will, as long as they allegedly can’t get a gun. Not only that, they would leave us all defenseless against such monsters (see: their protests every time a public or PRIVATE entity makes it easier to carry) if they had their way. You wonder why I think these people are evil? Well, there’s yet another answer for you.

Stage vs. studio…

March 9, 2010

or, Another blog commenter nails it here:

Tim McGraw put on a great “show” by appealing to the crowd but his vocals were terrible, I don’t think he hit a single high note all night and certainly didn’t sound anything like his album cuts. That’s the problem with Nashville country, its mostly smoke and mirrors.

If you want to hear real music then check out some Texas Country.

I remember seeing TM on the Strait tours and having the very same complaint. For the most part he doesn’t sound much on stage like he does in the studio. How many other singers are like that I don’t know, but I’d bet most of them are Nashville creatures. I’ve seen several of the Texas-red dirt singers live, among them Cory Morrow, Robert Earl Keen and Cross Canadian Ragweed, and they all sound live exactly like they do on their records. And I don’t have any reason to believe that, for another couple of examples, the Robison brothers and Jack Ingram needed any help with their vocals when they recorded this cd at Gruene Hall. I know a lot of people are going to say that the Texas-red dirt folks aren’t really good singers, but to the extent they aren’t, they more than make up for that with the grit in the lyrical content and the passion with which they sing.

Another commenter a few minutes later said, “I think he may have had a little too much fun at the Oscars the night before….but he sure looked good!!”

In other words, “He didn’t put on his best show, but he sure was perty to look at!” That seems to be the modern Nashville music fan’s mentality in a nutshell, doesn’t it?

Doesn’t matter if they take the captions off…

March 8, 2010

…because the comments here reveal Brady supporters to be bigoted and detached from reality almost as much as the offensive captions did:

Sent them back to 1791!
Armed = Dangerous
Seriously? The guy with the bullet covered gun belt is clearly trying to compensate for being a complete loser in high school.

Armed = Dangerous? Only if you’re a criminal. I got a kick out of the comment about “Almost any criminal (being able to) disarm one of these guys in about a half of a second.” I am reminded of an increasingly common retort to that: “Well, I’ll just take my gun back from him!” Yes, it’s tongue in cheek, but the old “the criminal will just take your gun and shoot you with it” was long ago disproven just like all the rest of their arguments. Yet they bitterly cling to every last one of them…