Random music musings

Hearing a certain band, I am reminded of this, from Texts from Last Night:

You had sex with him even after he literally described himself as a “coldplay guy”? There’s a line you just don’t cross. There is a line.

 Seriously, that band is teh suck. They make 3 Doors Down sound like Pantera (and for the record, I actually LIKE a lot of 3DD’s stuff). And as far as pretentiousness — well, I’ve heard a lot of people bash Dream Theater (another band I REALLY like in spite of their naysayers), but Coldplay makes Dream Theater look about as pretentious as, say, George Strait. The addressee of that text must have been some kind of desperate. I wonder if the nook was worth it.

And I understand what Five Finger Death Punch was trying to do with “Bad Company.” I understand they were trying to put their own stamp on the song. That does not mean, however, that I think it worked. Nobody can sing that song like Paul Rodgers.



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