Spin and ignorance…

…are apparently all some people have:

…Mexican President Felipe Calderón called for the reinstatement of the U.S. assault-weapons ban. In a knee-jerk reaction, Sen. John Cornyn and other Republicans, in obeisance to the gun lobby, demanded that the ban not be reinstated….
…Equally lame is asserting that regulating border-gun shows violates the Second Amendment. Assault weapons will still be available from respectable dealers, although the sale will involve filling out some paperwork.

Where are they getting this whole “unregulated border gun shows” thing? FFLs have to conduct the background checks at the gun shows just like they do in their stores. I’m guessing he thinks that private face-to-face sales at gun shows should be outlawed, and/or sales of semiautomatic rifles should be outlawed at gun shows. Which, as everyone with half a brain knows, would just drive the sales of such underground…just like outlawing the drugs has driven THEIR sales underground. And we all know that’s been a resounding success, don’t we? I would say the only way that would work is under a stiffly enforced licensing-and-registration authority with random auditing of gun owners and sellers, but we really don’t know just how well that would work, do we? Or how well it would go over with the gun-owning public? I sure as hell wouldn’t support such a thing no matter how well it would work, because the possibilities for abuse are just too great — and really, it’s none of the government’s fucking business how many guns Americans have anyway.  Let them guard the border as they’re fucking obligated to do by the damn Constitution.

And what is this “knee-jerk obeisance to the gun lobby” shit? Cornyn just said, “…the Second Amendment is not a subject open for diplomatic negotiation, with Mexico or any other nation.” that doesn’t sound like “knee-jerk obeisance to the gun lobby” to me. It sounds like Senator Cornyn upholding his oath to protect and defend the Constitution. One wonders what other constitutional rights being defended is knee-jerk obeisance to some nebulous lobby to Stephen Wentland and his ilk.


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